Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Nothing but Rain and More Rain!


The last post was about the weather and that is still all there is to write about. Two months of rain and every drop has brought weeds and so much work. The yard is still a mess and weeds are taller than my head where I fertilized the iris. I can hardly see the iris for the weeds. Among the weeds are nice dogwood seedlings that need new homes somewhere besides the iris bed. They will get moved because nothing that bloooms ever gets cut down. That is why it takes a lot of work deciding where things can grow. It seems every seed sprouted that fell in the bed. I think I finally counted thirtyeight dogwoods that bloomed this year so there are a lot of seeds. I am so thankful for all these free trees and plants. Maybe generations from now someone will enjoy their beautiful blooms.

School is out and I will be "girl sitting" this summer. They are too old now to let me call it baby sitting them. They are going to be a lot of help with the weed pulling and transplanting. It is still fun for them. Last summer they had fun because we just stayed outside all summer. So what if the water bill is sky high from playing with the water hose all day to stay cool. They enjoyed it and I enjoyed watching them have so much fun. Maybe the sun will soon come out long enough to play with the water hose. Playing in the rain has been fun but it has been a little too cool to stay out long in it. The rain has been wonderful and we really needed it since the past summers have been so dry. We are not complaining but getting a little ready to stay dry all day.

I went out for a walk with the camera today and here are a few shots. Some were made in the rain so they have the look of watercolors.

Raindrops on a Blackeyed Susan and a bed of Rose Campion and Yarrow

A Bumblebee enjoying garlic pollen. Guess he is Italian.


  1. Wonderful pictures. So glad to see that you have returned to posting. You and the girls have a good summer.

    Terry Thornton

  2. Enjoying your gardening blog. We have not had that rain, but the weeds are growing anyway! I don't seem to have the hours or energy anymore to tackle it all....but I keep trying.

  3. Its very good to have you back,,,,please dont stay gone so long next time.Your photos and words are wonderful. 2 Jun 09
    John Vines