Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's Spring!

After the morning rain I made a few shots to let you see just how many things have blooms today. It was all so colorful against the dark stormy sky.

Everything is blooming and begging for attention. At least twenty dogwoods have blooms today. Several of the old dogwoods died during the past dry summers but new ones have just appeared to replace them and are blooming now. There are a lot of very young ones without blooms that will bloom in a few years. The lilac smells so Southern it just about says, "Ya'll come back now. Ya hear?"

Due to a lot of spring yard work there will be a delay in postings at Magnolia Mornings. I look forward to showing you later what happened while the blog was on hold.


  1. Rita, it's hard to stay indoors with a yard full of Spring! Don't blame you a bit, we'll be here when you get back.

  2. John, Thanks for the comment. I lost it getting it posted. I will be back.

  3. Its yard work time in the Florida panhandle also,we finally got some much needed rain,the grass has been fed,most of the leaves and pine straw has been burned,,,,,,,,,and i finally started my chicken pen.Waiting for your next post.
    John R.Vines

  4. Beautiful Spring flowers....I can almost smell the lilacs! Can't wait to see more pictures when you return.

  5. You're pictures are beautiful - we in Colorado are still having our spring snowstorms so the few flowers that have tried to welcome spring are buried beneath the snow.....