Sunday, February 22, 2009

Brown/Ballard Wedding

Wedding Picture

April 13, 1913

Marvin Elsie Brown

(2 July 1891 - 8 December 1976)

Martha ArtieV Ballard

(29 July 1896 - 27 June 1984)

My grandparents were married in Lamar County Alabama. ArtieV, my Mamaw, was the daughter of Martha Jane Palmer Ballard and John Roe Ballard of Lamar County Alabama. They lived near Detroit, Alabama until 1930 and they moved to Monroe County Mississippi near Parham Community. By then they had five children, Jesmer Mildred, Ruby Maxine, Marvin Milton, Dorothy Mae, and Gera Laverne. Dorothy is my mother. Papaw worked at sawmills for Ebo Burrow all over the Hill Country of Monroe County.

During WW II Papaw and Mamaw both worked at the Gulf Ordinance Plant at Praire, Mississippi. They also farmed and share cropped. Papaw raised a lot of peanuts and watermelons that were enjoy by a lot of people all over the county. Mamaw made and sold butter. They lived just about half mile East of Pearce Chapel Church for almost 40 years. They are both buried at Pearce Chapel Cemetery near Smithville, Mississippi.


  1. I am pretty sure we are related in some way. My dad was Webster Carl Brown, his dad was John Carson Brown. They both went by their middle names. Carson had a store in Detroit. Here's my email if you want to correspond. There are a number of Brown graves in the Kingsville church of Christ cemetery north of Detroit.


  2. John, Tryphenia Brown and most of her family are buried at Kingsville.